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 Correspondence Courses

​​​​​Correspondence courses are available for individuals whose schedule does not permit them to attend classes in person.

A wide range of high school courses are available to allow students to earn credits and complete their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Correspondence courses are available to students who are 18 years of age or older and are not enrolled full time in a secondary school program. Correspondence courses are offered as either hard copy booklets or as online courses.

Each course consists of a 20 lessons. Students complete the lesson material and hand in the key questions at the end of each unit.

Lessons are marked by a certified teacher and are either handed in at your local learning center or submitted online depending on the mode of delivery you have chosen. Once the lessons are marked, they are returned to the Learning Centres where they can be picked up by the student or feedback is provided in the online learning environment.

Upon completion of all hard copy units the student writes a final exam at their local learning centre. Online students must complete a culminating task in the online learning environment. A passing grade must be achieved to be successful in the course. After completing the final exam a course mark is calculated and a report card is provided.

Students have six months from the date of enrolment to complete a course (including final exam). There must be work submitted every month to remain enrolled in the course. Students may only be enrolled in one course at a time.

Cost per course:

Correspondence courses that are offered through hard copy booklets have a cost of $56.50. Continuous intake online courses have no cost.

Courses Offered as hard copy booklets: 

  • English - OLC4O, ENG3E, ENG3C, ENG3U, ENG4E, ENG4C, ENG4U and EWC4U 

  • Math - MPM2D, MEL3E, MBF3C, MCF3M, MCR3U, MEL4E, MAP4C, MCT4C, MCV4U, MDM4U and MHF4U 

  • Science - SBI3C, SBI3U, SCH3U, SPH3U, SCH3U, SBI4U, SCH4C, SCH4U, SPH4C and SPH4U

  • Other Courses - HPC3O and PPZ3C

Courses Offered as Continuous Intake Online courses: 

  • English - OLC3O,OLC4O, ENG4E, ENG3C and ENG4C

  • Math - MPM2D, MEL3E, MEL4E, MBF3C, MAP4C and MCR3U

  • Science - SBI3C, SCH4C amd SBI4U

  • Other Courses - GLS4O

​Contact your nearest learning centre location for further information.